Move Your Event Ticketing to CASHDROP

We’ve created the new way to successfully run a ticketed event from managing ticket sales to checking your guests in from the palm of your hand. With utilizing our EVENT DROP, you are provided with all of the tools you need at no cost to you —CASHDROP has no seller fees, monthly commissions or high service charges for your customers!

We know analytics are important when planning an event which is why we made it easy to access your sales data and track all customer information from your CASHDROP dashboard.

Use CASHDROP ticketing to make the most profit for your event while providing your customers with an ordering experience that saves them time and money! You can launch your event in minutes, what are you waiting for? Click HERE to download and get started today. If you have questions, we are here to help — chat with our team.

Learn more about CASHDROP and follow us on Instagram and YouTube for more updates. Cha-Ching 💸



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